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Link to Dr. Fisher's recent article in Balanced Living Magazine

Information on Pendulum Dowsing

Click here for an article on Canadian Flower Tree Essences for use with animals- including dogs, cats, horses, alpaca and llamas.

Click here for a reference chart on using Bach Flower Essences for your pet.


Body, Mind & Spirit Directory- listing of holistic resources near Canton OH

Holistic Services Directory for Northeast Ohio

Green America Dr. Pamela Fisher's Holistic Vet Practice

Green America -Green America's mission is to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. (We went by the name "Co-op America" until January 1, 2009.) . http://coopamerica.com

NE Ohio Organic and Biodynamic food, from the farm to your door. 1-800-984-7330 http://www.organicsatyourdoor.com

Recommended Book and DVD List

Dr. Pitcairn's New Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats THIRD EDITION by Richard Pitcairn DVM***

The New Natural Cat by Anitra Frazier; Plume Press
Reigning Dogs and Cats by Pat McKay

Cat Care, Naturally by Celeste Yarnell

 Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care - C.J. Puotinen
The Natural Dog by Mary Brennan DVM - available?

Natural Healing for Dogs and Cats by Diane Stein; The Crossing Press, CA 

The Complete Herbal Handbook for the Dog and Cat by Juliette Bairacle-Levy

Love, Miracles, and Animal Healing by Allen Schoen; Simon and Schuster 
Animal Talk: Interspecies Telepathic Communication by Penelope Smith; Pegasus Publication

Give Your Dog a Bone: The Practical Commonsense Way to Feed Dogs for a Healthy Life by Ian Billinghurst; PO Box 703 Lithgow NSW, Australia 2790

Let’s Cook for our Cat- available?
Let's Cook for Our Dog
by Edmund Dorosz DVM; Our Pet’s Inc. Canada

Its for the Animals Cookbook by Helen McKinnon; CSA Inc. Clinton, NJ- available?

The Nature of Animal Healing : The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat by Martin Goldstein D.V.M.

Homeopathy Beyond Flat Earth Medicine, Second Edition by Timothy R. Dooley

The Complete Homeopathy Handbook by Maria Castro

Say Goodbye To Illness by Dr. Devi S. Nambudripad, revised edition

Stretching the Performance Dog DVD by Clean Run Productions (linked to purchase site)

How to Meditate With Your Dog by James Jacobson and Kristine Chandler Madera


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